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Thinking of doing some construction anytime soon?

If you’re thinking about redoing your walls, ceilings, or siding on your home, then you should consider stucco. Stucco is a brand of flexible concrete which is used as a coating for walls and ceiling. Traditional stucco, or “real” stucco, is composed of lime, sand, and water, and is reinforced with wire lath. There are hundreds of reasons to go with stucco exterior to your home as opposed to other siding options.

10 Reasons You Should Consider Stucco.

1. Real Stucco Beats painted Concrete
While nothing prevents anyone from painting or whitewashing concrete to make it look like stucco, paint generally does not adhere to concrete longer than two or three years, requiring constant re-application. A stucco home can be finished with an integral color stucco which does not require painting.

2. Real Stucco Also Beats Synthetic Stucco
Synthetic Stucco, or Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), was developed in the 1950s as a cheaper alternative to real stucco. It is more vulnerable to water absorption, which can severely compromise the synthetic’s condition. It is also more vulnerable to dings and nicks.

3. Extra Durable
Along with being repellent to dings, nicks, scratches, and cracks, stucco’s durability is second to none. It easily outlasts wood, brick, and vinyl siding alike. In ideal climates, stucco owners can look forward to 50 years with the same stucco.

4. Fire Resistant
Because it is composed of lime, sand, and water, three fire-retardant materials, stucco is noncombustible. It can actually prevent a house fire from entering the walls and from spreading from house to house.

5. Attractive
An elegant material, stucco beats nearly every other siding option there is in terms of curb appeal. A stucco finish gives a house a classic, captivating look.

6. Weather-resistant
Stucco holds up extremely well no matter what the environment. It resists snow, rain, heat, and everything in between. It is even good for climates with freeze and thaw cycles.

7. Flexible
Stucco’s flexibility is the key to its strength. Because stucco is porous, meaning its makeup features thousands of minute holes, it has just the slightest bit of give that makes it capable of absorbing impact instead of taking damage.

8. Maintenance-Free
Possibly the best thing about stucco is that it rarely requires repairs. It takes a lot to damage stucco, and if damage should occur, the repair process is relatively simple. Plus, since the color is ingrained in the finish coat, you don’t need to continuously repaint—but you can if you wish.

9. Saves Money Long-term
An excellent insulator, stucco is resistant to the bitter cold winds of winter and the blazing hot sun of summer, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, which helps you save when those energy bills arrive in the mail.

10. Increases Market Value
The attractiveness and other desirable attributes of stucco all add to the value of your home. This means that stucco is a good choice whether you are looking to stay in your home or sell it.

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